Precision Laserdisc offers modification products and services for Laserdisc Players, Receiver/Preamps, CD Players, and Satellite Receivers. Our modification products extend the performance or features of these devices. Choose an option at the left to find out more.

6-8-98: Huge laserdisc blowout! Click Here for more info
7-6-98: Info on Satellite Receiver and 5.1-Channel Surround Receiver upgrades forthcoming. Click Here for more info
8-3-98: Check out our sister company Satellite Parts Warehouse for all your Satellite Dish needs.
3-28-99: Some Frequently Asked Questions and their answers on Coax/Optical/RF.
7-24-99: Pictures and info on the owner's Home Theater setup.

5-30-00: Coming soon... Precision Laserdisc RF Demodulators UPDATED
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