Blowout sale on previously viewed laserdiscs!

We currently have available over 600 laserdiscs for sale. These discs have been previously viewed as rental discs. Many of them have only been rented once or twice and are still in excellent condition.

All discs come in a protective plastic Zip-Loc(tm) jacket. Most discs have a replacement inner paper sleeve replacing the original cheaper plastic one as well.

Since these discs have been rented some of them have a few scratches. If you'd like additional info on the specific disc(s) you're interested in purchasing, please send us an email with a list of Item #'s and Titles. We'll pull these titles and inspect them and send you back a more detailed report of their condition and any other specifics.

When you're ready to order, jot down a list of the titles you want and enter them on our order form with links at the left (both non and secure versions available). There is an option under "Product" for "Laserdisc Purchase". List the Item #'s and Titles under the Comments and Special Instructions section.

For orders of 3 or more titles we pay ground shipping. For orders of 5 or more titles, price is more negotiable.

Price update 6-6-99: Price Reductions! Take a straight 20% off the total of what you're ordering. We'll still ship 3 or more for free and only charge standard UPS rates on less. ($19.99 X .8 = $15.99)