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The Press on Dolby Digital AC-3

"This is the future of video and audio." Ken Pohlmann, Stereo Review

"'re going to be just as blown away as I was when you get to hear it." Corey Greenberg, Home Theater Technology

"...I was very impressed by what I heard... So was everyone else who heard it...." Thomas Norton, Stereophile

"If you're serious about Home Theater, add an AC-3 decoder to your shopping list." Peter Mitchell, Stereophile

"I personally found the Dolby AC-3 to perform exceedingly well... I did not detect quantization noise or any other artifacts." Gary Reber, Widescreen Review

", don't walk, to your nearest hi-fi showroom and experience AC-3 in action." David Ranada, Stereo Review

"...AC-3 is a terrific development. Its surround tricks are amazing, its dialog is crisp and clear, and its bass channel is especially robust... you can set aside all of the hype: AC-3 is the real deal." Daniel Kumin, Video

Customer Testimonials

Usenet News posting on by Ric Moser:

Just installed the AC-3 modification from Precision Laserdisc on my Pioneer CLD-D503, ran Video Essentials and cannot believe the difference. The Do-It-Yourself kit was a snap to install with only nominal soldering skills required Actual time to install was only about 15 minutes and the results are great. For $75 I ended up with an AC-3 machine to supplement my new DVL-700. Check out the Precision modification. They're easy to talk to and seem to be able to work modifications on almost any machine. For an extra $100, they'll do the install.

Usenet News posting on by Stanton Zeff:

> Does anyone have experience with this company?  Do they do the job well?

> Does the AC-3 output function appropriately?  Do they stand behind their

> work?
They just modified my Pioneer CLD-501 for me and did an EXCELLENT job. I am using it with a Yamaha DSP-3090. I highly recommend them; their price is very competitive for the quality.

Email from Terry Wheelock:

Way to go! Got the player back, and I love it. I know very little about the AC-3 process. I assume all outputs to exhibit the same sound when played through the same decoder. However, I had been using a Friends Pioneer 406. The sound is much clearer and more defined on the player you did for me. I played the opening scene of HEAT. There is a scene with a line of cars having their rear windows blown out. On my friends 406 player, the left rear surround has the glass shattering, and a small explosion. When I ran my 503 after you fixed it, the rear surround has the glass shatter, but it was much sharper, and the explosion had more of a prescence. Maybe I'm nuts, but I much happeir with my 503 that you did, than with his 406 that pioneer did. THANKS-And feel free to use my e-mail as a refrence for future customers.