My Home Theater

Out building with dishes for DirecTV (101°), DiSH (119°), DiSH (61.5°)
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Home Theater room
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IPIX 360° view of home theater room (JAVA version, no plug-in needed)
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IPIX 360° view of home theater room (Higher Res, plug-in required)
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Room Particulars:
10' Wide 16' Long (Just barely large enough IMO...)
Paneling over cinder block and sheetrock, carpet on concrete floor
Couch with recliners on each end, separate recliner on left, seats 4 comfortably

Sony KP61V15 RPTV (Calibrated by me - what a job!)
Onkyo TX-SV828 THX Receiver/Amp
Onkyo ED-901 Dolby Digital decoder (Firmware updated by Onkyo to fix 2-channel DVD audio bug)
Toshiba SD-3107 DVD Player (Considering an SD-3109 as a replacement)
Sony MDP-650 Laserdisc Player (DD AC-3 RF Modified of course)
DiSH Network 5000 Receiver (Dishes aimed at both 119 and 61.5)
Sony SLV-720HF HiFi VHS VCR (Played Titanic as it's most recent rental "tape", time-shifting otherwise)
Audionet DLC II DAC (From Germany, not many of these in the US?, very smooth sound)

Mains: Paradigm Reference Series Studio 20's
Center: None, room is narrow...
Sub: Paradigm 10" PDR-10
Surrounds: BIC DV-52's

APC SmartUPS 900 power protection
Panamax Powermax DBS+ surge suppression
Sand-filled Paradigm speaker stands
Phoenix Gold 12AWG wire to mains
Generic 16AWG wire to surrounds
Mix of Phoenix Gold and generic S-Video and composite interconnects

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